Sunday, 14 June 2015

Paint Nite

A while ago I had attended a paint nite with Little J. Paint nite is basically a night where you basically crank out a painting in 2 hours under the guidance of an artist while sipping away on cocktails.  You can even have dinner while you paint,although I wouldn't recommend it; in my book painting and food don't mix.

I was a little hesitant at first because I have no artistic talent what so ever.  And when I say no talent, I really mean no talent.  Back in my uni days CW asked me to help her put together her art portfolio, I clearly remember telling her that I can't paint and her reply was everyone can paint.  So when we started painting half way through  her first piece she was like "hmmm maybe you should stop painting and just stick to making collages" .  And I wasn't even painting anything complicated just stripes, yes I will admit I managed to mess up painting stripes!

What can I say, I'm a science person, I totally use left side of my brain more than my right (even though this is a myth).


Paint nite happens at different bars/restaurants throughout the city.  You basically pick the level of difficulty and the painting you want to create it, then you simply just show up.  No supplies needed.

They provide you with the paint, brushes, canvas, and easel. It's highly recommended that you don't show up too cute.  Remember you are going to paint, so you definitely don't want to ruin any nice clothing.

Paint and brushes

blank canvas
Blank canvas
This was our inspiration

This looks doable.  I think I can do this.  I was actually quite surprise at how the artist managed to walk people through step by step.

The first 3 steps
When we started off painting the night sky, I was starting to understand why so people find painting so relaxing.  There was something so hypnotic about the swishing movement of the brush back and forth.

Once the sky was completed, we were told to added in clouds, that's when my stress level started to increase.  As you can tell my clouds look more like blobs of white paint instead of fluffy floating clouds.

Next we moved on to the tree and adding in leaves, my stress level started to significantly increase at this point.

My tree looks nothing like the artist's painting!

The reason my stress levels starting to increase was because I started noticing that my painting was not resembling anything like the artist's painting.  I know I know, it's suppose to be my interpretation and I'm suppose to just like my creativity flow.  But my brain really doesn't work like that, I can"t just create art from scratch, there is a reason why I did not pursue any artistic type of career. Throughout the rest of the evening I kept trying to reproduce the artist's painting, which you can tell pretty much was a big fail!

Here is pretty much the completed painting. I really wish I knew those blobs of red paint at the bottom was suppose to be leaves, I would disperse them some more rather than just concentrate them at the bottom.  Not bad for a first time? I'm not loving it but I'm not hating it either.

Little J's and I
By the end of the 2 hours, everyone basically had their on take on the painting.  Here is Little J's painting.  It's so much better than mine.  Although paint nite was quite stressful for me, I wouldn't say no to attempting a second paint nite. Maybe it will be a little less stressful.

If you're curious about paint nite click here.  If you find it a little pricey, don't fret paint nite frequently pops up on coupon sites such as Groupon and Living social.  That's how we snagged this deal.

♥ Viv

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