Monday, 1 June 2015

Lole Warehouse Sale 2015

I'm very late posting about this sale given the fact that it's over, but you can at least keep it on your radar for next year. The Lole warehouse sale is a definitely a must,  if you're in the market for some workout gear or cold weather sports gear.

Lole warehouse sale 2015-1

I have been waiting for this sale to re-appear especially since I'm in dire of some work out clothes.  I thought this sale comes around once a year, but it looks like happens at least twice a year.

This is not the same as the Lole sample sale I posted about in March.  The Lole warehouse sale is definitely worth a look!
The Lole warehouse sale is by far one of the most organized sale ever.  It takes place in actual warehouse located in old Longueuil (it's a little out of the way but definitely worth the trek).

The moment you walk in, you're asked if you're wearing any of the brands that are up for grabs (Lole, Orage, and Paradox). If you are, no worries, you won't be denied entry into the sale, staff simply take note and tag your item.  You're then handed an Ikea shopping bag and off you go.

Everything is organized by categories and separated by size.  If you're a size S, the selection is quite limited unless you hit up the sale on the first day. If you're a size M/L, you practically have unlimited options.

This sale always starts in the middle of the week which is a bit of a bitch for me.  I really don't feel like heading into rush hour traffic in attempt to go to this sale, but at least they're open to 9 if you do decide to it up the sale during the week.

Lole warehouse sale 2015-2-tops
Tops were priced between $20-$40

Lole warehouse sale 2015-3-bottoms
Bottoms were priced between $30-$60

Lole warehouse sale 2015-4-bathing suits
Bathing suits were $5 a piece

Lole warehouse sale 2015-5-shoes
Apparently Lole has a shoe line!
They even have TOMS.
Lole warehouse sale 2015-6-toms
TOMs were $40
This is why the Lole warehouse sale is one of the most organized sales I have been to.  They actually have about 60 changing rooms with baskets.  Anything that doesn't fit you simply toss it into the basket and hand it off to a staff member who will take care of putting it back on the floor.

Lole warehouse sale 2015-7-changing rooms
Changing rooms
They even had a price scanner.  What warehouse sale has a price scanner!

Lole warehouse sale 2015-1
Seriously a price scanner!
This time around, I felt there wasn't as much as selection as the Fall sale. During the Fall sale, they had racks of jackets, boxes of accessories, even yoga mats.  I also noticed that prices were slightly higher for certain items compared to the Fall sale.  I managed to snag a bunch of bathing suit tops for $3 a piece last time, this time, they were priced at $5.

What I also love about this sale is that during the last 2 days there is usually an additional 30% off.  During the Fall sale, it was 30% off you're entire purchase, no conditions.  This time, it was 30% off a minimum purchase of $100 and it only applied to Lole and Paradox items. Boo.  But at least all the prices were tax included.

Last time around I managed snag quite a few items, this time I managed to snag 2 sports bras at $10 a piece.

Lole warehouse sale 2015-9-sweety bra
Sweety Bra retails for $50
The next time the Lole warehouse sale should roll around should be Oct/Nov.

♥ Viv

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