Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Urban Sugar Shack

Sorry for being MIA lately, I have a real life job outside of blogging, so when deadlines loom in my real life job, that takes priority.  And there are moments when I come home from work, I just don't want to turn on a computer.  I know I can post on a regular schedule if I plan ahead, but blogging is really just a hobby for me at this point (I basically go week by week instead of planning 6 months of posts).  Blogging is a great creative outlet to channel my energy into something else and a great way to share my thoughts about new discoveries, but again blogging is currently just a hobby for me.

Enough with rant and on to what I have been doing lately.  Did you know Montreal had a pop-up urban sugar shack? If you don't want make a trek out to a real Cabane à sucre but still crave a maple syrup fix, then the urban sugar shack is a must go.

The urban sugar shack has popped up at the Wellington Promenade the last few years. How did I not know about this?! Pros to the urban sugar shack: 1) it's in the city, 2) it's a family event, kid friendly and pet friendly, 3) a bunch of local tasty restaurants participant in the urban  sugar shack, and 4) food is priced very reasonably everything was either $2 or $4.    The cons of the urban sugar shack: 1) it only lasts one weekend and 2) food is on a first come first bases, if they run out of food they basically close up shop.

It wouldn't be a sugar shack experience, without snow shoes!

Warning this is a picture heavy post:

The first thing we spotted was the maple syrup on snow, we passed on that since we were seeking actual real food first. We made our rounds up and down the promenade deciding on what we wanted to taste.

Obviously Grilled cheese is a must

What ended up in our tummies from left to right:

  1. Maple blonde square: This was ridiculously sweet. It basciallly tasted like a can of condensed milk.  Super tasty but sweet.
  2. Churros with maple and apple sauce: Don't be fooled by the pic, we tasted very little maple syrup, it tasted mostly of apple sauce.  This was a let down.
  3. Grill cheese: One of the tastiest item we tried.  Who doesn't like grill cheese with bacon and maple syrup. 
  4. Clam chowder: this was another winner. It was a little on the thin side, but for $4 you can't really complain it was still really tasty.
  5. Fried panko dipped french toast: This basically tasted like a crouton.  
  6. Smoked maple salmon: Again we didn't really taste the maple syrup, it was really just a hint.

The atmosphere was full of energy, kids banging on makeshift instruments, rolling barrels, and there was even a petting zoo.

They really went all out with the theme
There was even square dancers
I spotted a giant pile of logs and immediately thought "bonfire?! is that safe in the city?", then CW pointed out it was being craved out by an artist with a chain saw.

Wood curving

And a Teepee
If you plan on checking out the urban sugar shack next year, remember to bundle up and  bring a fork with you.  Utensils were sparse and some of these food items definitely required some utensils!

♥ Viv

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