Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I Have No Idea Where I'm Wearing This To But I Bought It...And I Wore It

I spotted this Alexander McQueen skirt with Lily on a random shopping trip.  This skirt happens to be from the pre-autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection.

Photo courtesy: http://thebestfashionblog.com/tag/winter-2013-2014/page/153

On the hanger it had zero appeal, to Lily it just looked like a giant stiff piece of wool. But I was like wait til you see it on.  This skirt has a lot of potential.

When I tried it on, it made my waist look super tiny and since the fabric was so stiff, the shape held on its own. Once Lily saw it on, even she had to admit the skirt was super flattering. 

So I bought it. Before you think I must make boat loads of money in order to buy a McQueen piece. 1) I purchased this at the  bay l'entrepot (AKA the bay warehouse) and 2) there was an additional 50% off then and additional 25% off my total purchase. It was practically free!

The only problem was, I had no idea where I'm wearing this to but I bought it. I was thinking it may be a potential work x-mas dinner outfit?
But the fashion gods must have known that I had a McQueen skirt waiting to make an appearance, because an event popped up and I immediately thought it would be perfect for the debut of my McQueen skirt.

A uni friend of mine was launching her event planning company Neofuse (you can check out Neofuse here).  It happen to be a black tie (cocktail) event and even better it took place in an art gallery!

Lily is usually my photographer for my OOTD post, but since CW came with me to this event, I had her be my photographer. She's not use to taking pics for blogs, so I wasn't going to ask her to 50 pics of the same pose. I'm still a little awkward taking pics of outfits in public, especially in a small space with a lot of people. 

Top: Aritzia
Skirt: Alexander McQueen
Purse: Haltson's Heritage
Shoes Giuseppe zanotti in collaboration with Balmain

I didn't know black tie meant everyone should be dressed head to toe in black.  I always just assumed that it meant you should be dressed up. Oops because CW and I were not dressed completely in head to toe black.

This McQueen skirt was definitely not the most easy skirt to get in and out of my car, it involved some bunching and hopping. Nor was it the easiest to in pee, because the fabric was so stiff and thick, you basically had to remove the whole skirt if you really need to pee.  But other than that, I'm glad I was able to finally wear my McQueen skirt.

♥ Viv

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