Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring Cleaning

Although Spring has official arrived, it's still feaking cold here in Montreal.  Today it's was a whooping -25 degrees Celsius. So I have slowly eased into my Spring cleaning. Task #1 going through my make up and seeing what I can use up.  I have had these products for a while at least 1-2 years and for some reason I just can't finish them off.

Buxom-white-russian-Benefit's-R.S.V.P- Benefit's-Hervana- Dior-Lip-glow balm

I have hit pan on all of them and I use them practically on a daily basis, but yet they're still here.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel like when you hit pan on a product it just doesn't seem to disappear as fast?

Starting on the left going clock wise:

  1. Buxom white russian lip gloss: I can totally see why this is a big hit in the beauty world.  I'll admit that I may be a little hesitant to finish this one since I really don't want to purchase a full size version.  I don't think I can ever finish a full size lip product to save my life.
  2. Benefit's R.S.V.P cream shadow:  OMG will this product just die!!! 
  3. Benefit's Hervana blush: I received this from B for my b-day, it's actually one of my favorite bluses that you can wear year round.  But for god's sake, I don't think the product has decreased in size since I hit pan.
  4. Dior lip glow balm:  I loved the idea of this product, it adjusts to the color of your lips and gives you the perfect rosie pout.  My only complain is that for some reason when I reapply this though out the day the pink shade becomes quite unflattering on me.  It's so weird.  Also I get the weirdest slippage with this product.  Throughout the day this product just moves beyond my lip lines, sometimes I just just look like I have no idea how to apply lipstick or something.
Is it just me or does anyone else notice that when products hit pan, they seem to last forever?

♥ Viv

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