Sunday, 1 March 2015

Secret Suppers

By chance I had caught the documentary Secret Suppers of Vacouver on CBC.  It caught my eye 1) because one of my best friends B just moved to Vancouver and 2) it's about food. It's a win-win, if you want to watch the episode click here.  Basically secret suppers is an underground restaurant scene, where talented chefs literally pop up restaurants in the most random places, their apartment, someone else's apartment, basically any where there is an available kitchen.  These underground restaurants provide an opportunity for talented chefs who are unable to open a restaurant to cook for foodies. Who says you can't learn anything from TV!

I think the underground restaurant concept is relatively new to North America, in Hong Kong, this is a hugely popular concept.  Even my mom knows about underground restaurants in Hong Kong.  She claims, that the only way you'll really get a great meal.

The first secret supper I attended was the Vegan Secret Supper (VSS).

Disclaimer: I am not a vegan, but I love good food. I do not discriminate against any type of food. And please note this is a pic heavy post.

VSS is the brain child of a self taught vegan chef Mérida Anderson, who does secret suppers in multiple cities (Vancouver, Montreal, and Brooklyn).

This is how VSS works, in order to get invited to a VSS you have to sign up here, they randomly pick people and then you will get an potential invite approximately 2 weeks prior to the dinner. They will actually confirm if you made the cut 48 hours before.  Once you have made the invite list, they will provide you with the secret location.

On Valentin's Day little J managed to land on the invite list, since I basically would never say no to a great meal, it was a no brainer. Think of it as our protest to Valentin's day as single girls.

This time the location at someone's apt. I know it sounds really shady popping up at a total strangers home for dinner, but everyone is super friendly.  No serial killer vibes at all.

Yup, up these stairs awaited our meal

Chef Mérida Anderson prepping our meal
The menu

Course #1

Course #2
Course #3
Course #3 consisted of panfried yuba, when little J and I took our first bite, it instantaneously reminded us of something.  

Me: Doesn't this remind you of something?
Little J: yes, hmmm doesn't this remind you of tofu skin?
Me: Yes, that's what it taste like.

After some quick googling we discovered that yuba is actually tofu skin!  Did anyone else know that?

Course #4
Course #5

This is the second VSS I have been to, as a non vegan, I have to admit I never could have expected vegan food to be so tasty!  Everything was so scrumptious and tasty.  My only one criticism would be that the broth for the ramen could have used a little extra something something. But my mama always told me that broth for ramen is a hard thing to master.

The one thing I did learn was that I would make one angry vegan if I ever made the transition.  Throughout the whole meal, I kept telling Little J that we need to make a pit stop at McD's after because I am starving.  I was so hungry to the point I was getting a headache!

Little J: Maybe the oil and fat from the 2 bags of cheetos expanded your stomach? because I'm quite full.

Are there any other secret restaurants in MTL that I need to try?

♥ Viv

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