Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Last Mac&Cheese Pit Stop

Mac&Cheese week is wrapping up, if you guys haven't hit up a any of participating restaurants, you still have time, tomorrow is the last day.

So it turns out I managed to fit in a 3rd mac&cheese. My last mac&cheese was at Burger Royal


How have I never heard of this place, I love burgers!

The moment you walk in there is a huge mural with a burger on it, it's a sign for me to return for a burger and a shake.


Now onto the mac&cheese


Burger Royal's special mac&cheese was composed of homemade bechamel sauce mixed with bolognese sauce topped of with some basil.  Burger Royal's mac&cheese was just ok, it actually kinda of reminded me of the lasagna I use to have back in high school. The pasta tasted like it came straight out of a box and it was lacking the cheese taste, where was the cheese in the mac&cheese?

I actually had a tough time finishing it, which is a first for me. After having homemade pasta from EVOO, nothing comes quite close. Hands down EVOO was my favorite mac&cheese of the week

But what was quite tasty was the side order of fries we ordered

Atmoic Fries

Burger Royal has quite an interesting menu, everything on it seems to have a twist, there are endless combination of fries, mac&cheese, and burgers.  They even have quite an interesting milk shake menu, in the mood for a reese's milk shake or perhaps a coffee crisp milk shake? well Burger Royal is the place for you.
Although their mac&cheese wasn't my favorite, I'm definitely interested in going back for a burger and fries, the nacho fries definitely caught my eye.

♥ Viv

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