Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mac&Cheese Week

Montreal is a foodie mecca, there is tasty scrumptious food at every bend. I met one couple from Toronto, who basically planned their whole trip to Montreal based on their reservations at Joe Beef.  Yes, our food is that good!

I've been quite spoiled as a foodie  Montreal, to the point when I travel I find the food just doesn't compared to the meals I've had in Montreal. I really love it when the "... week" rolls around in Montreal.  We've had burger week, poutine week, and now this year for the first time ever there is a mac&cheese week!


First pit stop of my Montreal mac&cheese week was a no brainer, Dirty Dogs.  When CW and I stopped by Dirty Dogs for poutine week, I spotted the mac&cheese poutine on the menu and I just knew I had to go back.  I love poutine and I love mac&cheese,  I would have never thought of combining the 2 together because quite frankly it sounds like an odd combination, but OMG it's so tasty.  Did I mention there is also bacon on it!! This comfort food on steroids!  This was not Dirty's dog special concoction for montreal mac&cheese week, their special item was the mac&cheese hot dog topped off with fois gras (AKA duck liver). Trust me fois gras is a lot more tasty then it sounds.

I could have been a little bit more creative with this food pic, but I was dying of hunger!
 To see the list of restaurants participating in Montreal mac&cheese week, head over to Nudabite. Fret not vegetarian peeps, quite a few of the participating restaurants are actually vegetarian friendly.

I'll try to post each restaurant I go to during my mac&cheese week the day after. Check back here regularly  if you're curious about my mac&cheese journey around the city.

Did I mention, I love mac&cheese, it is one of the best comfort foods around and it couldn't arrive at a better time!

♥ Viv

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