Sunday, 8 March 2015

Is it Worth the Hype?

Pretty much everyone under the sun has talked about this, beauty bloggers and you tubers have tooted it's praise, and I have to admit, this is totally worth the hype.

Lorac Pro palette packaging

B and I spotted this in T.O about 3-4 years ago, way before the hype around this product started.  We swatched, we ummed and ahhhed over it, but decided that we didn't need any more makeup.  Then all the hyped started and our curiosity was peaked again and our regret set in. When we decided to bit the bullet and purchase it, Sephora decided to pull all Lorac products and since we don't have any Ulta's in Canada, the Lorac Pro palette remained an untouchable dream.

The Lorac Pro palette has been raved about so much it has always remained one of my regret purchases, but then a friend of mine was going to the US and asked if I needed anything.  I was like hell yes, I need you to go to Ulta and pick up a Lorac Pro palette!! She was also so impressed with the product she picked up the Lorac Pro 2 palette for herself.

Lorac Pro Palette-inside

I'm not going to show an pics of swatches because there are tons of them already online, plus I have yet to master the art of photographing swatches.

But I will say this product is totally worth the hype.  Lorac hands down has master matt shadows, they are so buttery soft.  I find that shimmery and satin finish shadows  are pretty comparable across brands. Most brands are able to produce soft buttery shimmery and satin finish shadows, but for some reason the matt shadows are harder to produce. I have tried drug store brands, Urban Decay, and Tarte matt shadows and they don't even come close, I found them all to be a bit dry and stiff in texture.  Shu Uemura has mastered the matt shadows as well, but they are quite pricey compared to the Lorac Palette.

I love this palette so much I use it sparingly in fear that I would use it up too fast. I know complete ass backwards logic, I should be enjoying it not starring at it!

B and I were trying to get our hands on it for the longest time, obviously I had to pick one up for her.  I wanted it to be a surprise, but since I wouldn't be seeing her for a while I had to text her and tell her to seize her hunt for it, because I have one for her.

This product is totally worth the hype, if you can get your hands on it I definitely suggest you do.  It's a great mix of matt and shimmery shadows.

♥ Viv

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