Sunday, 22 February 2015

Why Does Poutine Week have to Coincide with the Coldest Month?

 February is coldest month in winter, but the first week of Feb has become synonymous with Poutine week in MTL.  For those who aren't aware of what poutine week is, let me break it down. In my books poutine is what Quebec is known for, like how Florida is known for it's oranges. I think of poutine when I hear Quebec, that and maple syrup.  Poutine week, is where a series of restaurants vye for your votes by creating a one of a kind poutine that is available only for that week. At the end of the week, a winner is declared, you can check out the list of restaurants that participated and their poutine concoctions here.

Last year, I tried 4 of the poutines, this year I figured I would have some restrain so I opted for 2.  First up was

Dirty Dogs has been on my radar for a while, poutine week gave me the extra little push to make my way to it. It's actually not that far from my Barre class (potentially hazardous info).

Dirty Dog's poutine was called "the boss poutine"

The boss poutine had fries drenched in a duck based sauce, topped off home-made Dr. Pepper chili, onions, red cabbage coleslaw and Dirty Dogs signature mustard. I'm craving one as I type of this post.  This poutine actually tasted like hot dog on a bed of fries.  There wasn't even hot dog in the mix, but of course being at Dirty Dogs, I had to have a hot dog.

Of course the one topped off with mac&cheese and bacon was beckoning me.  And it's really mac&cheese, none of the kraft KD kind! Warning, this is not the easiest or the cleanest  hot dog to eat; it really should come with a fork and knife!

My second poutine of the week, was a sporadic choice.  My co-workers and I attempted to taste "The people's waffle" poutine at Faberge's.  We failed miserably, arrived at the resto by 3:30 only  be shooed out since they were closed. "What resto closes at 3:00?!", apparently le Faberge does, turns out le Faberge is a brunch hotspot.  I think they should have extended their opening hours for poutine week! So we randomly hit up Brutus Bar for the Jagerfirepoutine.

  I have never been to the Brutus Bar, but it turns out Brutus Bar is the bacon restaurant in MTL, everything on the menu has bacon on it.  This is literally heaven for a bacon lover!

Turns out they really set your poutine of fire! I really thought all the pics of it online were just a PR gimmick. 

Is that not cool or what?! Yes this is a pic of the poutine of the table next to us, only because I failed horrible at trying to capture my own lite up poutine. 

It would have helped if I turned off the flash, but at least you can tell they did not skimp on the bacon! It was load with bacon! The poutine is only lite of fire for a couple of seconds, when I realized I failed to capture my blazing poutine, I had to wait for the table next to us to receive their poutine to capture the moment.

The jagerfire poutine was made of yukon gold fires, topped off gouda cheese, caramelized red ions, jagermesiter and chipotle sauce and of course you can't forget about the bacon!!! Bacon lovers will love this poutine, but if you don't like the strong taste of alcohol this may not be the one for you.  There were several bites of it were I could just taste the jagermesiter.

And the winning poutine by people's choice:  The boss poutine by Dirty Dogs!

If you pass through MTL, a tasting a poutine is a must!

♥ Viv

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