Saturday, 7 February 2015

Last Empties of 2014

Was it just me or did 2014 fly by?  So here is my last batch of empties for 2014.  I feel like I don't use up products as fast as some other bloggers.  What was once monthly empties has now become bi-annual empties.  Am I seriously not slapping on enough products on my face?

Don't be fooled by the number of products, the back roll is mainly hand soaps from Bath and Body Works

Most of these are pretty much staples that I use, so I won't bore you with any more details, you can find my thoughts on these products on one of my previous empties post.

So here are my thoughts on the new products I have tried.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide: OMG, I completely understand why this gets the raves it does.  It just sinks into your skin.  If your skin is more on the oily side, this is perfect, it doesn't make you more oily. It fixes all dry spots after a couple of uses.  I really should pick up another bottle.  This is definitely on my re-purchase list.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Hand Cream:  This is a holiday scent that the Body Shop releases every Christmas.  I just love the smell plus it's consistency is like their body butters.  Definitely a great hand cream for winter.  I purchased 5 of them once it hit liquidation.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle facial wash:  Some bloggers rave about this.  I definitely the see the appeal for people with sensitive skin because this is a very very gentle facial wash.  Not only does this smell like Johnson&Johnson's baby lotion, it also felt like that.  The first time I used it I was like "I feel like I'm washing my face with baby lotion". So if you have sensitive skin and you love the smell of baby lotion, this may be for you.  For me, I think I'll have to pass on the re-purchase.

got2b rockin'it encore fresh dry shampoo: this is the worst dry shampoo I have tried.  Not only was on the more pricey side, it really doesn't work as well as other dry shampoos I have used in the past.  Did I mention it also smells like lemon pledge.  Definitely not re-purchasing this.

Yes to carrots daily softening Hand + Elbow cream: Not a fan of this either.  It had a weird texture, was kinda of soft but not smooth feeling (does that even make sense?).  I didn't find it softening what so ever and I found it kinda of leaves a greasy feeling after you have applied it. Definitely not re-purchasing

L'Oreal Power Moisture (moisture infusion mask): My hair had been kinda of dry lately, so I figure I would try a mask.  I was too cheap to shell out money for the much rave macadamia hair mask.  So I opted for a drug store option.  I'm not sure how effective it is, since I have nothing else to compare it to, but it did slightly restore softness to my hair.  I want to try other masks before I decide if I want to re-purchase this.

MUFE Smoky Extravagant Mascara:  I kinda of liked this, although I feel like if the wand was longer I would have really seen it's full effect.  But it was the Sephora BI B-day gift, so I can't complain.  I guess I would have to purchase the full sized version to see if it volumizes and lengthens. I also wish there was a water proof version.  I have dry eyes, but oily lids, so I always end up with transfer of mascara on my under eye by mid day.  This one actually lasted pretty long.  But I still had some transfer.  Maybe I'll re-purchase.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara:  it was ok in my book, I didn't really see the hype around this product. I think Lily really enjoyed it.  I actually really can't remember what I thought about this product so in my book this means I won't be re-purchasing it.

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara:  I really liked this mascara, it was one of the non-water proof mascara that didn't resulted in any transfer.  It really does lengthen. But sadly I think they discontinued it.

L'Oreal Velvet Teddy Mascara: This was the only drug store mascara I loved.  I loved the brush and it really does volumize and lengthen.  I picked this up at a L'Oreal warehouse sale, sadly I would have re-purchased this, but I can't find it on the shelves anywhere.

Lastly on to the makeup removal wipes. I really not into wipes at all, the only reason I use them is to remove my makeup right before my workout. It's much more convenient to stuff this into my bag then to bring a facial cleanser . Didn't like the Yes to cucumber wipes, they dried out before I could even finish them.  So packaging was a big fail. Didn't like the much raved about Ole Henriksen wipes either,  they smelt great but they really dried out my skin.

These have just been collecting dust on my shelf so time toss. Plus I think the glosses are way past their expiration date.

♥ Viv

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