Sunday, 25 January 2015

Shoe Binge

Sorry for being MIA lately, getting an audit at work can be quite time consuming.  The thing with audits is while preparing for them, my normal tasks don't stop, they just pile up.  But enough about work, back to my shoe binge.

I was so proud that during boxing day, I did not purchase a single pair of shoes.  But man lately I have been on a shoe binge.  I basically purchased a pair a week.

I just have a weak spot for a pair of Pretty Ballerina flats.

I resisted when Pretty Ballerina had a 40% sale, I held strong at 50% off, but when I got an email from Pretty Ballerina was having a 60% off sale, I caved. I have never seen Pretty Ballerina sales hit 60%! This pair of purple flats just called out my name.  But I was good, I walked out with just one pair when I could have easily walked out with about 4 pairs. I'm not sure if the sale is still going on, but it's definitely worth a look if it is. Pretty Ballerina flats are by far the most comfy flats I have ever encountered. No need to break them in, they go on your feet feeling like butter!

I was on the fence about these Vince Joanna booties.

I spotted these at Marshalls, I liked the concept of them, but when I initially tried them on, even Lily was on the fence about them.  Even when the price kept dropping I resisted them, but when they dropped down to $50 and there was a pair of size 7 left, I took it as I sign that I should just buy them.  They retail for $350, so snapping them up at $50 is a bargain. I figure they would go nicely with anything in my wardrobe that is navy.

And now for the piece de résistance...

These Gianvito Rossi metallic chili strappy sandals were just picked  up from the Bay l'entrepot (AKA, the bay warehouse).   I'm usually not a fan of these single strapped type of sandals.  I personally find that you need a slightly chubby feet  for these to look good. I find my feet are too skinny, but these were also a steel, so I purchased them (with a little encouragement from my mom). I also spotted them in this metallic blue color, if you're a size 38 or 39, I would totally head out to the L'entrepot.

Can I just have a moment and talk about the Bay's L'entrepot. I know what you're all thinking, what does the bay need a warehouse store anyways? I'll tell you why, it's a great way at scoring designer pieces at a fraction of the price.  The Bay L'entrepot, receives some of the stock from "the room".  If you don't know what "the room" is, its basically department within the Bay that sells high end luxury goods. The room carries labels such as McQ, D&G, and Comme des Garcon to name a few. You can check out their full list of designers here.   But only a few Bay's actually have "the room", I know there is one in the bay in T.O. on Bloor street and one in Vancouver.  MTL for some reason will get the end of season merchandise, which doesn't really matter to me, especially since I managed to snap up a few pairs of designer shoes from here for next to nothing!

Oh I should mention that if you're a size 39-40 or size 35-36, this is like the designer shoe jackpot for you gals.  Most of the gorgeous designer shoes that end up here are either on the large or small end of shoe spectrum.  Us, average sized girls are out of luck, once in a blue moon you'll find some 7s.

Maybe my shoe binge was due to work related stress?

♥ Viv

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