Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Ugly X-mas Sweaters

This year during my office holiday pot luck we decided that we should all wear ugly x-mas sweaters. While some of us thought it was a fun idea, others responded with comments like "but I don't want to wear an ugly x-mas sweater, can I wear a cute one instead?", "why does it have to be ugly?" , "I don't want to spend money on an ugly x-mas sweater."

I know the ugly x-mas sweaters are huge in the US, but they have recently started migrating up North.  I have never seen so many stores sell them until this year.  The only problem with buying them in Canada is most ugly X-mas sweaters ranged between $25 and $30, where as in the US, my co-worker was able to pick some up for $10!

I completely understand not wanting to spend $30 on an ugly x-mas sweater, because I was also not willing spend that much on one, so I decided to make mine. But apparently, to some of my co-workers that meant I had an insane amount of free time on my hands!

FYI, I was not weaving the sweater from wool  I just shaved off a sheep.

I'm am not the most artistic or craftiest person the face of the planet, but I managed to make my ugly sweater. For some reason I could not find a red or green colored plain sweat shirt, so navy blue it was. A quick run to the dollar store and I was able to pick up the rest of the materials that I needed.  In total I think it cost me about $12 to make my ugly X-mas sweater.

Thank god CW had access to an insane amount of glitter!  I decided I wanted a penguin on my sweater, and he was quite easy to make once you realized he's really just a bunch of circles.

Once I had the shape, I was able to begin the glitterification process.  Talk about reliving my childhood, glitter is so much fun! Although I completely forgot how long white glue takes to dry, I really don't think I waited overnight for glue to dry as a child?!.  At one point my penguin kept falling apart since I was just too impatient to wait for the glue to try. Nothing a glue gun couldn't fix!

Glitterification completed, waiting for him to dry!

I kept texting Lily photos of my ugly X-mas sweater, she suggested I add the candy cane ribbon to make it a little tacky.  According to her my sweater wasn't ugly at all, in fact it looked like a "legit sweater".

This sweater just needed sparkly shoes to go with them!
I think it's a pretty tacky x-mas sweater no? It's not really ugly, but I think it's pretty tacky.

Things I learned while making my ugly X-mas sweater:

  1. It took me longer to find a plain sweat shirt then it actually took me to make the ugly xmas sweater!
  2. It was quite fun, talk about reliving my childhood! I think it's a great activity to do if you have kids.
  3. Traditional Chinese parents, don't understand the concept of an ugly X-mas sweater. When my mom saw the sweater her response was "OMG, that is such an ugly sweater. You're not really going to wear that out are you?  I'm sure you have nicer sweaters in your closet." 
  4. There is no way of preventing loss of glitter! I left a trail of glitter everywhere I went. And I mean everywhere!
  5. The best way to get people to look at you is to where an ugly x-mas sweater. I didn't think I had to walk around the hospital that day but I did and people had the strangest looks when they saw me.

Here are some of my co-worker's ugly sweaters:

♥ Viv

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