Sunday, 9 November 2014

My Last Mtl à Table Stop

Tonight, is the last night of the Mtl à table festival, so if you don't have any plans and your tummy is starting to grumble, I would high suggest hitting up one of the restaurants participating in Mtl à table. It a very good way to try new restaurants on the cheap. My last stop was Guru-Bristro Indien (AKA Indian food).

My Mtl à table experience has made me realize that St. Denis is filled with tons of yummy restaurants hidden behind unsuspecting signage. My last 2 Mtl à table restaurants were located on St. Denis within walking distance of each other and both times I was like, what there is a restaurant here?
What better way to end my resto roulette experience then with a roulette type of meal? Yup, I chose the mixed tasting plate. I found it really fitting that my last meal sorta of resembled a roulette wheel.

Don't let the tiny portions fool you; when our meal arrived we all had the same thought "what only 3 pieces of butter chicken and 3 pieces of lamb!?"  but this was actually a really filling meal. We all had trouble finishing it and struggled to not let a single bit go to waste.

Of the 3 restaurants I tried Guru had the cheapest menu $19, but the most filling meal. The appetizer was a a Guru soup and it was delicious (all  3 of us agreed); or we were all just super hungry while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Most Montrealers know that if you want good Indian food at a reasonable price you head to Parc Ex; the mecca of delicious Indian food. However the majority of these joints are kinda of hole in the wall type of joints (don't get me wrong, I love hole in the wall type of joints, but not everyone does). One of my co-workers really wants to try Indian food and every time I suggest to head over to Parc Ex she cringes. She was thinking of the more upscale Indian restaurant downtown.  I've been and I literally find the meals are over priced for what they are, especially given the fact that the taste was just meh. You can get a much more savory meal for about half the price in Parc Ex.

So if you're also afraid of the whole in the wall type of restaurants but are in the mood for tasty Indian food I would highly recommend Guru. It's the the middle ground, located in the plateau/mile end area, it's a cute cozy bristro with decently priced tasty Indian Food.

That wraps up my Mtl à table journey, until next year.

  ♥ Viv

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