Monday, 3 November 2014

MTL à Table Stop #2

I know eating 2 dinners  out on the weekend is pure gluttony, but trying good restaurants on the cheap is too good to resist. So pit stop #2 on the MTL à table train was La Fabrique Bistrot.

Sorry for the grainy pic, I was in my car about to drive off...opps

I chose La Fabrique based on a fellow foodie co-worker's recommendation, so I hit up Le Fabrique with CW.

The Menu

When I eat out with CW, I always have my one of  food Buddha moments. AKA the one of everything on menu moments (well almost everything...we didn't get to taste the carrot flavored risotto).

La Fabrique is known for their inventive twist on French cuisine. The moment you step in it has a very rustic yet hispter vibe. Is it just me or does most restaurants now in MTL have a hispter vibe to it. Dead centre of the restaurant is the kitchen, yes, you will be eating around the kitchen if you visit La Fabrique

I can see why for some seeing the chefs in action is appealing, for me, I think I prefer the magic to happen behind closed doors. My basic science back ground has basically ruined many of the simple pleasures in life for me.  I just have one question, do chefs use a new tasting spoon each time they prepare a meal? or is it the same spoon they're using over and over to taste? I know if you're reading this, you're probably thinking I shouldn't be eating out at all, but ignorance is bliss, if I don't see it or know about it, it's all good.

We noticed that the tables along the walls had a hook right above it, we were so curious what they were for. Turns out they were for the bread basket. What an ingenious way to save some table space.

The small metal plates made us briefly feel like inmates, but I guess it adds to the hipster vibe.

The appetizers:
The Ravioli
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that when it comes to French cuisine, they have tendency to use ridiculously large plates for plating? I really don't think you need such a large plate for 1 ravioli. It it was delicious, the ricotta ravioli was well complemented by the honey glazed carrots.

The beet salad
 This was definitely the most interest beet salad that I have ever tasted. It reminded me of a yogurt parfait but completely made of veggies with a little cheese throw in the mix.

Now onto the main course:

The Rabbit
I personally don't like apples, but for some reason every meal I have had so far during this food journey had some kind of apple mixed in to it. But I must admit that these chefs know how to balance the sweet and salty in every meal. I actually didn't mind the apple with the rabbit.

Hake Stake

The lentil and vegetable stew really brought out the flavor in the hake stake.

The desserts:
The desserts
Who says French toast is just for breakfast, again the sweet and salty was nicely balanced.  Once again an apple made an appearance, but the pistachio mini cakes made the biggest difference.  I actually quite enjoyed the combination.

For reason most of the French restaurants I have gone to always end the night with cotton candy.

If you want to check out La Fabrique click here.

  ♥ Viv


  1. Looks like it was a fab dinner. Need to put it on my list to try next time!

    1. It was quite delicious, they definitely had an interesting take on french food. Definitely worth a try.