Sunday, 16 November 2014

Jack Pot Shopping Haul

If you read my last post "A sample sale not to miss" you probably know I went to a sample sale and I bought stuff. I really didn't need anything but when you hit up a sample sale no one really has anything particular in mind. You have an idea of what you would like to (more like hope to) find there, so it can be a hit or a miss. But I really love this sample sale. Last year I manged to pick up a pair of combat-like boots which really wasn't my style but I ended up wearing them practically on a daily basis. Oh and did I mentioned I scored a pair Miu Miu heels for practically next to nothing. 

Last year score

This year, I felt like I made out like a bandit. And this is why, if I paid retail price I would have paid $4926, I managed to snag all my items for a total of $230.  Which is roughly 95% off, that's practically free in my books!

The thing with these type of sample sales is that you have to be patient, you have to be willing to look past the dis-organization and go through the racks item by item. I told my co-workers about the sale and what I picked up on day 1, a few of them went the following day. One of my co-workers practically had a look of horror on her face when she saw the racks of dis-organized clothing and the amount of people in a tiny space. But hey if you want high end designer items on the cheap, this is practically the only way that you can achieve it. Clothing is not going to be neatly organized in a spacious place. It is literally everyone man for themselves.   My number one rule to sample sale shopping  is if you're not sure about something just hold on to it, even if it has no hanger appeal, because once you try it on it may look completely different. Once you put it down , there is no going back because you run the risk of someone else snatching it up.

So here is what I managed to snatch up:

  1. Matthew Williamson Printed Sateen dress- I found this by pure luck, SA was re-hanging items that other people passed on. As she hung it up, my eyes locked on it and I made my way to snatch it up.
  2. Helmet Lang paneled leather jacket- I spotted someone trying this jacket on, was a little on the fence about it since it is a lot more shiny that I would have personally would have preferred. This was also one of the items that a SA was re-hanging, so I grabbed it anyways. When I had 2 different sizes in my hand and another girl wanted one of them; it made me want it more.  This purchase was totally motivated by the fact that someone else wanted it. FYI the girl was totally polite, she didn't care which size I cast off to her and she was willing to wait for me as I tried them on.
  3. Carven Tweed blazer- Everyone kept passing by this blazer for some reason, maybe it was due to the fact that it had 0 hanger appeal but I found that it had a very Jackie O feel to it. But the detailing and craft manship of this blazer is what really grabbed by attention  Now I really need to find a leather skirt, don't you think?
    4. See by Chloe pleated trousers - Is there such a thing as owning to many pairs of pants?
    5. Citizen's by Humanities Dylan fitted boyfriend jeans -I have been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans 
        all summer, I refused to spend $250 on a pair, but at $25 you can't really go wrong especially since it's
        something that may not be the  most flattering fit.

   ♥ Viv

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