Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Halloween..Pseudo Costume

Or in my case a back handed compliment.  Let's rewind shall we...

I don't have a strict dress code at work, it leans on the business casual side, but Fridays are jean Fridays (even though it took about 4 years for my boss to realize we were all wearing jeans on Fridays).  Usually at the start of the work week I'm a little more smartly dressed, as the week goes on my outfits lean more and more to the casual side. 

This Friday happened to land on Halloween, we have few new hires who were like "Do you guys dress up for Halloween?" Since I have been there no one has ever dressed up for Halloween, but apparently the newbies were all gun-ho about it.  I basically didn't have time to even think of a costume and decided to forgo the whole costume idea. I basically wore what I usually wear on weekends or casual outings.

The moment I arrived at work and took off my coat, one of my co-workers were like "oh you dressed up as a cowgirl". My response "What? no, I usually dress like this on the weekend?!"

Seriously?! I guess the plaid shirt leans on the cowgirl side, so guess I can be a pseudo cowgirl?  Are my clothing choices leaning on the costume side?  I can never win with my co-workers, this is what happens when you work with mostly females. If I'm too professional dressed I get comments like "Oh why are you so dressed up? are you going for a job interview?" and now when I'm causally dressed I apparently look like I'm sporting a costume!

Top: Anthropologie (you can't tell from this pic, but the back has a lace panel)
Jeans: J Brand
Booties: Rag&Bone

Sometimes I wonder about my co-workers.  For instance I was carrying a tote I received as a GWP during a Shu Uemura  event.  If your a fan of Shu Uemura fan, you know  that each holiday season they release a collab with a specific artist.  I was carrying the tote designed by Taskashi Murakami.

Co-worker: Is that a bag for your costume?
Me: Huh? No it's just a tote designed by Taskashi Murakami a well known Japanese artist who also designed the cheery blossom LV bags.
Co-worker: Oh, ok I saw the face, and thought even you costume had a costume bag. I was thinking wow, Viv does really have everything.
Me: Bahahaha, sorry to disappoint, this is just a tote bag. Do people actually have a specific bag for just your costume?

 ♥ Viv

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