Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Sample Sale Worth Passing Up

I can't believe I'm even uttering such words. Last weekend was the BCBG warehouse sale, which I look forward to every year.  What I once thought was a sale that randomly occurs once in a blue moon, actually happens twice a year. What use to be a one stop shop to stock your closet full of staples ranging from work appropriate attire to cocktail dress has recently become a miss and hit sale, where you have to dig for finds.  I swear each year this sale gets worst and worst, yet every person I spotted leaving the sale had a shopping bag in hand.

Once you walk in, the front part of the warehouse is filled with overstock/ left over merchandise.  And when I say left over, I really mean left over, some of the items I actually recognize from the time I first attended this sale.

The accessories is also sold in the area, and there have been times where I majorly hit the jackpot with the accessories. This year the accessories were pretty much a bust. Most of the items on the table contained some sort of damage. So carefully inspect your pieces, I have gone to this sale enough that I inspect each piece of jewellery I pick up with a fine tooth comb.

When you go towards the back of the warehouse, there is a section with shoes, clutches, and handbags

If you dig through the boxes of belts you can actually find some cute belts, however most of them are also damaged. Only if Lily and I were a little bit more handy on replacing rivets.

In the back of the warehouse, is where all the clothing and dresses are kept. This year for some reason everything was practically damaged.  On the bright side, all damaged items are identified with a tag.

The majority of damage items range from rips to busted zippers, I guess if someone is handy with a needle and thread some of the items can be repaired. But to be honest the clothing look like they were barely hanging on by the thread. No pun intended.

A lot of the clothing were also stained. This would have been a cute cocktail dress, too bad for the giant grease stain on it.

The sad wall of shoes.  One year they had an amazing deal with shoes, where if the more you purchased the bigger the discount you got. I think if you purchased 6 pairs or more you got an additional 50% off at the checkout. That sale unfortunately seemed like a one time deal.

I don't know if I have written this warehouse sale off completely, because I did managed to snag some cute accessories this time around. But compared to last year's haul, this was definitely a massive fail for me.

Did anyone walk away with a decent purchase?

   ♥ Viv

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