Saturday, 4 October 2014

Barbie Legs

I can't believe it's already October.  This may be one of my last OOTD post for a while, since Lily my photographer has gone back to school. Throw in the fact that it's gotten quite cold here in MTL, taking pics maybe slightly problematic.

By the end of this post, you'll completely understand why I titled it Barbie Legs

I was completely having a love affair of short-suits this summer. I had all the necessary items this summer for a short-suit look but I just never had the occasion to pop one on, except for this OOTD post.

I picked up the top and shorts at the BCBG warehouse sale, even though the top practically blends into my skin tone I loved the lace and draping detail, plus it was only $20. I couldn't really walk away from it now could I.

My closet is just filled with a sea of black or grey blazers, which seem a little excessive for the summer months. When I spotted this bright coral colored blazer I knew it was perfect for the summer.

And now get ready for some giggling,  the unintentional Barbie Leg pose.

These OOTD posts are a real learning experience. I'm very awkward in pics general couple with the fact that I'm constantly thinking of trying not to dirty my outifts, I end up with very stiff pics.  Lily is always yelling at me "Stop being so stiff" when we snap OOTD pics.

I was really worried that my heel would get caught in between the slacks of the bench so while trying to post as natural as possible I inadvertently ended up posing like a Barbie doll trying to sit.  When I was flipping through the pics, I literally bursting out into laughter telling Lily "Look my legs look like a Barbie doll!".  When I say they look like a Barbie doll's leg I don't mean how well proportionate her legs are, but how Barbie's leg never really fully bent 90 degrees, they always just bend at a 45 degree angle.

After multiple shots, Lily finally caught a more natural looking pose.

Blazer:  Theysken by Theory
Top: BCBG maxazria
Shorts: BCBG maxazria
Heels: Cole Haan

♥ Viv

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