Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sister-Sister Event...Not (Thank God it was Free!)

Somehow I lucked out and got 2 free tickets to the Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull concert at the Bell Centre. This could have been a Sister-Sister event, unfortunately Lily is away in Uni, but I managed to rope CW into going with me. It also basically turned into a work outing, about 8 of my co-works also got free tickets.  This is usually not a type of concert either one of  us would normally pay to see, but since it was free why not.  I had zero expectations, maybe I would be blown away by it (see this is my ass backwards logic working here).

This is the End
Let's rewind to the beginning:

Usually for all concerts, once the doors open I'm there.  I have no idea why, it's not like it's general admission, seats are assigned. But I'm a one of those who just hates being late.  Given the fact that I had to rush home, pick up CW, grab a quick bite, and then head to the Bell Centre I was like meh I can miss the opening act. Especially since I didn't know who he was. All I knew was that it was reggaeton, I didn't even know what reggaeton was. One of my co-workers described it as reggae but more dirty?!

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen some pics and noticed that PitBull was the first half of the concert.

The man sure loves himself and apparently butts because that basically served as his back drop, there were various images of butts and himself displayed on the giant screen throughout his entire act.  We spotted an 8-10 year old boy in the crowd and his eyes were basically popping out of his head.

CW and I were not too familiar with his music besides his collaboration with other artists   I'll be brutally honest, we both find all his songs sound the same. He performed most of his collaborations, and when it was time for the featured artist to sing, clips of the artist from the music videos were shown instead.

This is how this portion of the concert went down. While everyone was dancing and waving their arms CW and I were basically trying to guess the songs and lyrics

Me: What song is this?
CW: Don't know...but oooh look it's Shakira
Me:  Oh Shakira, 
Me: Is that Chris Brown?
CW: Yes, that's Chris Brown
CW: Oh look J.Lo
Me: What's he trying to get us to sing "Fire..."
CW: Fire something... oh it's "fireball"
CW: Oh I recognize this song, they play it all the time
Me: Oh it's that song with Christina Aguilera
CW: I love Christina Aguilera
Me: Oh I recognize this song, it's Timber with Kesha. 
CW: Why is the crowd going so crazy over Timber?
Me: Cuz it's Kesha and timber was quite popular.

At least PitBull had scantily dressed back up dancers to distract you, where as Enrique was just rolling around on the stage by himself.
Once PitBull finished his set, Enrique Iglesias took to the stage about an hour and a half later. And it basically just got worst from there. 

The sound was horribly off, he kept covering his mouth as he sang the first 2 songs (what are you trying to hide Enrique?) and fidgeting with his IEMs.  At one point he even apologized for the horrific sound blaming it on technically difficulties.

He also had a small stage towards to the back of the Bell Centre, and we love concerts that do this, because it lets people in the back get a closer view. Usually artists that have that stage in the back either 1) float across the floor on some kind of contraption and land on the mini stage or 2) they run through the audience.  But not Enrique, he would disappear, not only did he run backstage towards the mini-stage he made his entrance hidden under a box/blanket? And it was poorly executed because we were like why are security guards escorting a black blob  to the stage, and then out pops Enrique. FYI he also made his way back to the main stage the same way. Very awkward to watch!

For someone who likes to be fondled by the crowd, I think your fans would have much more appreciated if you just ran through the crowd. Taylor did it, Rhianna did it, so can you Enrique.

There were multiple moments where he just got down so the crowd can fondle him
I have been to a lot of concerts, and I found that Enrique really had a hard time engaging the crowd, when he would point the mic towards to the crowd to sing the next line of the song, it was so quiet you can practically hear a pin drop. Where as in other concerts, the crowd is so loud you can barely hear the artist themselves sing.

I always love moments when they sing a slow song and get everyone to start waving their cellphones in the air.

Does it look like a sky full of stars

This moment was unfortunately very short lived. I think half way through the song, everyone just put their arms down.

At least PitBull and Enrique did close out the show with "I'm a Freak"

Someone even throw a pair of thongs at Enrique; first time I witness under garments being whipped at the artist.

Just in case you think CW and I are being super mean, we're not, a critic for the Gazette had the exact same sentiment, click here for the review.

♥ Viv

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