Sunday, 7 September 2014

Red Ball Project

The Red Ball Project made it's way to Montreal and I caught wind of it just in time.  For those who don't know what the Red Ball project is click here. In essence the red ball project is a travelling public art project where a 15 feet , 215 lbs ball moves from city to city, spending a week in each city being wedged in different locations each day.  The Red Ball Project is the brain child of artist Kurt Perschke. The color red chosen  because red invokes a sense of play and humor.  Lily and I were definitely in a playful mood, we couldn't stop smiling and giggling when we were near the red ball!

If you check out the Red Ball site, you can see all the how creative some people get when posing with the red ball. Some of the photos are quite artistic.

After making it's way from the biosphere, to the quartier du spectale, Berson's Monuments, Parc Ex, and the old port, on the last day the Red Ball was wedged somewhere in Parc La Fontaine

Here's our photo journey with the Red Ball.

The Red Ball has arrived at Parc La Lafontaine

Even though it was rainy day, it didn't keep the public away.

Red Ball is being inflated
While we waited for the Red Ball to be inflated, Lily and I had some fun.

The typical pinch shot
 I had an umbrella so we did this with it
Pretending to throw a javelin

Pretty please with a cherry on top
Now on to the typical poses you would do when there's a giant Red Ball

Of course you would attempt to roll it

and kick it

Then creativity was starting to flow.

Let's pop this baby

Lily being crushed by the Red Ball

If you follow me on instragram you would have seen this one: attempting a selfie while Lily gets crushed by the Red Ball

Selfie ruined by Lily getting crushed by the Red Ball

And we saved the best for last, this was completely Lily's brain child

Oh no, I'm about to be crushed by a giant red ball

As you can tell Tyra Banks would be seriously disappointed in our lack of model faces during some of these shots, maybe our playfulness was the result of a giant Red Ball.

The end of our day with the Red Ball

♥ Viv&Lily

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