Sunday, 14 September 2014

Playing in the Rain

When I heard the Red Ball made it's way to Montreal, I definitely wanted to check it out. While waiting for the Red Ball to be installed, why not pass the time taking pics for OOTD posts. Too bad it was just pouring rain that day, so I was only able to snap one OOTD.

I picked up both the jean jacket and dress from Aritzia during their end of season sale practically for free (I'm talking  F21 prices).

What drew me to this simple black jersey dress what that it seem like an dress I can easily travel with. A no fuss no mess kinda of dress. The subtle high-low hem (you probably can't tell from the pic) and the draping of the arm hole were the details that sealed the deal for me. I'm all about subtle details. Plus I'm able to wear bralets/bandeaus with it; a little peek-a-boo lace never hurts anyone.

What I love about this jean jacket is the subtle floral pattern. I actually snagged this jean jacket from Lily, we don't often share a lot of clothing between us but when we do jackets are the first thing we swap with each other.

I use to never understand the point of rain boots for adults until I owned a pair.  For those who hate getting their feet and their pant legs wet, you definitely need to pick up a pair of rain boots.  I actually own 2 pairs, one with a more fitted shaft, which is not ideal when wearing pants. So I picked up a pair with a wider shaft so I actually fit my pant legs into.

Dress: Babaton from Aritzia
Jacket: Talula from Aritizia
Rain Boots: Coach 

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