Thursday, 4 September 2014

I Don't Think I'm a Tarte Girl

The Tarte brand has been exploding all over the beauty blog world, I figured all the buzz it was getting there must be something special about it.  I don't usually just jump on the band wagon, I usually mmm and ahhh for quite a bit before I bite the bullet.

Sephora had a 500 point perk featuring Tarte, I figured this would be a great way to try the brand, especially since it had the much raved about "exposed" blush.  It just really doesn't work on me, it leans more on the red side. First fail for me, don't get me wrong, it's incredibly soft and pigmented, but it really doesn't work as a blush/contour shade for me.  I actually kinda of did like the "lights camera action" mascara, I just really wish it did smear on me half way through the day.   The cream eye shadow is not bad, but nothing spectacular.

I picked up the clean slate 360 degree creaseless eye primer, just because I wanted to try something new.  It runs a bit thin and leans bit more on the oily side compared to the Too Face one.  And it really isn't creaseless, I experience creasing by noon.  But if I layer it under a cream shadow it's staying power is dramatically increased.  In the end I still prefer the Too Face one.

Oh the CC matte palette.  I think I was majorly motivated to pick this up because of the matte trend. After playing around with this palette I learned that I'm really not a matte girl at heart.  I need a little satin/shimmer for some pop.  Although the shadows are incredibly buttery soft and pigmented, I struggled with whether or not I should keep it. On one hand I wanted to keep it since it was a limited edition palette and the matte shadows are really nice, but I felt like I already had similar shades in my collection, this palette basically sat barely touched on my dresser for about half a year.  I really try to make it work, I tried layering it over a shimmery cream shadow, but it still kinda of fell flat. B's advice was to just return it and all I have to say is thank god Sephora was willing to take it back (I was 5 months pass my return date).

I'm not writing off the whole Tarte brand, I recently had my make up done with the Tarte foundation and I didn't hate it. But I need further exploring with the foundation.

♥ Viv

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