Wednesday, 13 August 2014

You Either Like them or You Don't

This could have been a "Is this worth the hype" post, but I feel that wipes are one of those things that you either like them or you don't.  After trying 2 different types, I have reached the conclusion that  I'm definitely one who doesn't like them.

The Say Yes to Cucumber brand and the Ole Henriksen brand had been making its way around the beauty blog circuit so I decided a try give them a whirl.

Some say they use these when they're too lazy to remove their makeup after a long day. To me honestly these don't really remove that much makeup because the next morning when I wash my face, my white face towel is covered in  residual traces of my makeup. Maybe I'm using them incorrectly? but I really don't see how I can mess these up.

So basically I have been using these wipes after my barre class to freshen up. Just to clarify I'm not learning to become  a bartender nor is it a pole dancing a class. Barre class is simply the combination of ballet and pilates. Every time I tell my co-workers I'm off to my barre class they're like "oh are you learning to become a bartender?" No.  Which is then followed by "is it a pole dancing class?".

The only nice thing I can say about these is that they smell really nice?!

♥ Viv

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