Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Only Time It's Ok to kick An Animal

CW and I had gone horseback riding last weekend and it was definitely quite an experience.  It had been something we both wanted to try at least once, so after some quick googling she found a place in the West Island.  

Warning: This is a picture heavy post

Driving to the place, we were on a residental street until we spotted a small sign. As we pulled into the place

Me: "CW, where are taking me, this looks super shady"
CW: "this is where google says it is"

Once someone greeted us, we were relieved that at least we were in the right place. But it was super errie when we explored the grounds

Doesn't this seem like a scene out of a horror film!

Then we spotted the horses

The horses were super friendly and gentle, they came right up to us when they spotted us.

Me trying not to look deathly afraid
 Once I got over my initial fear, I had a little tete-à-tete with a horse

What better way to waste time until our tour then to take a whole bunch of selfies! We attempted to take some selfies.  As you can probably tell we obviously suck at it

Attempt #1

Missed both my head and the horse's!
Attempt #2

My head was in the shot, but I got the horse's butt instead
Attempt #3

This one would have been cute if CW didn't look like she has horse ears!
Attempt #4

Then we were assigned horses, I got Sierra.  And if I was a horse, I would be Sierra, we practically have matching personalities.

As we were waiting to mount our horses, Sierra decided to take a nap. I didn't even noticed until another rider was like "Oh my god, your horse is asleep!"
According to Lily and CW, I love to nap

Yes she's sleeping,
As we were going along the trail, Sierra kept stopping to eat, and got super disgruntle when one of the guide came to help me in controlling her need to eat (Sierra may have kicked her).  According to CW and Lily I also just pretty much eat all the time and I must admit I get super disgruntle when my eating is disrupted.

Sierra is already leaning to the left a little more here
Sierra also has an inability of walking in a straight line, she kept on insisting on walking as close as possible to the trees and bushes.  According to CW, I am also incapable of walking in a straight line.

Horseback riding is literally the only time you can kick a horse without getting into trouble with any animal rights group.  FYI, for those who have never been horseback riding, in order to get the horse to start walking, you have to kick them. The guides kept telling us that if they can carry you, you can kick them and they won't feel it, so don't be afraid.

At first I was a little hesitant to kick them, but if you don't won't start moving.  Also when they decide to stop and start grazing, you're suppose to just yank up on the reigns. Which is also something I was a little hesitant to do, but according to the guides, it was the only way you can tell them who's boss.

♥ Viv

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