Sunday, 17 August 2014

Rompers & Pineapples

In my "I'm having a Romper moment" post I had mentioned that I'm completely having a thing for rompers this summer.  Well,  here is romper #2.

We spotted this pop-up carnival in the quartier du spectale during the Just for Laugh festival.  Lily and I were like this would be a great back ground for an OOTD post.  Unfortunately, it started raining, so we only managed to grab a few pics and the majority were not flattering.

So attempt  #2

I managed to snag this romper from the Peter Petrillo Target Collaboration. My very first piece from a Target collaboration.  The cut is very 1950's, I feel like I should be breaking into a song and dance on the beach somewhere.

I picked up this pineapple necklace at the 15 for 15 sale, something about it screamed out to me.  When I showed it to Lily, she literally rolled her eyes at me and was like "are you really going to where that?".  Now every time we go shopping, Lily would pick out everything with a pineapple and show it to me followed by a "I think you would like this"

Who doesn't love pineapples & rompers?

Romper: Peter Petrillo for target
Necklace: Material girl
Clutch: Treesje
Shoes: Pretty Ballerina

♥ Viv


  1. Pretty! Last chance for romper-wearing before autumn :)

    1. I know it's so depressing... I was pretty much dressing like fall last week : (