Saturday, 9 August 2014

I Have No Idea Where I'm Wearing This To But I Bought it

Often when I'm shopping with Lily or CW, when I find something that catches my eye, they would instantaneously reply "oh, that's nice, but where are you going with that?". 

I'm pretty sure I am not the only girl who has solely purchased something because I just loved it.  Since I'm not a crazy nite life kinda of gal nor is my social calendar packed full of events, these purchases often just sit in my closet. I often try to justify the purchase by figuring out some way to wear it work. But sometimes, it just really not appropriate for work and I'm really just pushing the limits of the lax dress code.

So why not spin it off into a blog series that I'll call "I have no idea where I'm wearing this to but I bought it"

First purchase the Elizabeth and James Jill Peplum top

Not only do we love that the bare neckline on this Elizabeth and James Jill Strapless Peplum Top ($395) is the perfect place to show off our favorite baubles; we love that the figure-flattering A-line shape will fit even after we've indulged in any holiday party treats.
Photo courtesy of Fabsugar

Lily was actually the one who stopped the Elizabeth and James Jill Peplum top, when she pointed it out to me, I was like "it's alright".  The Jill peplum top has zero hanger appeal, but that all changes when you try it on.  When I tried it on, I was like "I want this, I have no idea where I'm wearing this to, but I want this!". The cinched in waist, flared out bottom, and neckline all called out "buy me"

I really have no idea where I'm going in this outfit, but a florescent necklace seem like a nice pop of color.
This was one of the necklaces I picked up at the 15 for 15 sale.

Top: Elizabeth and James Jill Peplum
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Miu Miu

♥ Viv

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