Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Flannel for your Face?

Some beauty bloggers have mentioned that they preferred washing their face with a flannel wash cloth.  I love flannel pjs so I figured I'll probably love a flannel washcloth.  But boy was I surprised, it was really not what I was thinking at all.

I managed to pick up one at the Body Shop and thank god it was 50% off.

Yes, it is standing up on it's own

Bet you weren't expecting this either.  What I was expecting was a soft and fluffy wash cloth, instead this flannel wash cloth felt more foam like.  It literally reminds me of a piece of foam you can use for arts and crafts.  The best part is, when it dries it becomes hard, like a sculpture.  But not worry it actually just softens back up once you wet it.

I personally don't like flannel wash clothes, I much prefer the muslin ones.

♥ Viv

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