Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Much Talked about Zoeva Make Up Brushess

When Little J, told me she was going to Germany, the first thing I asked was if she could order me a set of the Zoeva brushes. I desperately wanted the Rose Gold set that is currently making it's way around the blogging world.  But each time I checked the site it was constantly out of stock!!  So I opted for

 The classic brush set

The classic brush set comes 8 brushes; with the conversion this set of brushes cost $91 CAD making each brush cost about $11. What a bargain!

The Face Brushes

The Eye brushes
 Zoeva did not cheap out in the packaging department, each brush set comes comes with a faux leather zipper pouch and a drawstring pouch. 

I can definitely see the hype around these brushes. They're super soft,  some of these brushes are even dupes for MAC brushes (I actually kinda of prefer these ones to my MAC brushes, they really are less scratchy against my lids), I experienced no shedding, and they're super affordable.

According to their website they do ship world wide. I'm just not sure much how much these brushes will actually cost with the added shipping and customs.  I really still want the Rose Gold Luxury Set.

♥ Viv 

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