Monday, 28 July 2014

Sister-Sister Event #1 of 2014

2013 was crammed packed with sister-sister events, 2014 the sister-sister events have calmed down quite a bit (my wallet was definitely grateful for the break!).  I don't think we would have had any sister-sister concert events in 2014 if this wasn't re-scheduled.

The first sister-sister event of 2014:  Justin Timberlake's  20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake was one of concerts I really regretted not going to when he first came into town in 2007.  Everyone who went to the 2007 show kept saying how amazing JT was. So when we got wind he was coming back it we didn't want to miss out.

By far, the 20/20 experience had one of the best/unique stage setups we have ever seen.  And we have been to quite a few concerts.

The set-up
But if you take a closer look, you'll notice that there was a bar, a table section, and a pit!

Most people usually show up after the opening act, but this is one concert you want to show up during the opening act.  There wasn't an actually opening act, but he did have a great DJ, who ended up giving away 2 front row seats and 8 VIP tables to biggest Justin Timberlake fan.
People screaming there heads off trying to win the floor seats/VIP tables
The moment we have all been waiting for

Now a days, I find that lighting and the graphics play a a huge role in concerts.  I'm always blown away at how creative these people can get.

I always enjoy the moments where everyone flashes their cell phones during one of the slow songs.

JT had this huge walk way extended across the stage, what was amazing about this, was that it actually raises up and advances towards the back of the Bell Centre.  Other artists usually get ridged up and fly around a bit, but not JT, he literally danced his across the Bell Centre.

And when the moving walk way made its way to the back, JT got down and greeted people in the VIP section

He also sang and danced on the bar! Talk about getting up close and personal with the crowd!

JT definitely has charisma and swag, I can see why people who have seen him in the past kept saying we would not be disappointed.  You couldn't help but get sucked in, his dancing is contagious! He definitely knows how to put on a show and interact with the crowd.

Justin Timberlake is definitely one person you should see live at least once, you will not be disappointed!

♥ Viv  & Lily

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