Sunday, 20 July 2014

Is This Worth the Hype?

Beauty bloggers have ranted and raved about the Jack Black lip balms.  I'm usually not a lip balm kinda of girl, but having gone back on Accutane I decided to give these a test drive.

Without going into the specifics, Accutane is basically a form of vitamin A that reduces the amount of oil produced by your glands.  For those who have never been on Accutane, one of the major side effects of Accutane is your skin basically dries out.  You become one giant flaky mess and prone to a million paper cuts (it's literally like that old chinese torture "death by a million cuts").  Your lips become super dry and you have basically slather on lip balm like crazy and I must say that Jack Black smooths my lips quite nicely.

I can definitely see why beauty bloggers rant and rave about these, they don't just sit on top of your lips  they actually sink it.  What I love  the most about these  is that they don't make my lips peel after a couple of applications.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that suffers from this, but I usually find most lip products make my lips a flaky mess after a couple uses. Which is probably why I'm not a huge lip product kinda of gal, kinda of ironic cuz I seem to have a ton of lip products in my hangbag.

But these babies don't come cheap compared to other lip balms, these babies will set you back $8.50 CAD.

These Jack Black lip balms are definitely worth the hype.

♥ Viv 

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