Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I'm having a Romper moment

I have no idea why, but this year I'm completely luving rompers (or how the brits would say a "play suit").  Usually I wouldn't even consider buying a romper solely because of the mechanical difficulties you encounter when you need to go to the little girls room.  But I'm completely smitten with them.

This first romper I picked up from Top Shop, I'm surprised I even managed to find something I like from Topshop. I initially thought it was a dress, but surprise surprise, when  I was  trying it on  I discovered it was a romper.

Warning: you are about to see some extremely pale limbs.  I seem have this inability to pick up any color from the sun, which I'm usually ok with, but as I do these OOTD post more frequently, I'm noticing that I'm basically showing up like Casper the ghost.

TopShop Romper

There was something about the pattern that instantly grabbed my attention.

Maybe it was contrasting collar, but I absolutely wanted it.

Plus it has pockets!

I thought this romper would totally be work appropriate, well minus the open back, but that was easily solved by throwing on a blazer.

Open back covered, professionalism boosted

I wore this outfit with a pair of brown opaque tights to work when it was Spring teetering on Summer. Co-workers thought it was work appropriate since I had a pair of opaque tights on but  my manager completely thought it was inappropriate. She kept telling me it looks like I forgot to put on pants!

What do you guys think? Are rompers  inappropriate for work?

p.s I do not work in a corporate environment.

Romper: TopShop
Blazer: BCBG Maxazira
Shoes: Rag&Bone

♥ Viv 

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