Monday, 16 June 2014

Is it Worth the Hype?

These products have been well blogged about in the beauty blog world, I resisted picking these products up for as long as I could, but a business trip to the US and some well timed promotional events at Holts resulted in me ultimately caving and picking up these babies.

Clockwise: 1. Hourglass ambient lighting palette 2. Diorskin nude tan healthy glow enhancing powder 3. Diorskin nude BB cream 4.  Radiant creamy concealer

  1. The Hourglass ambient lighting palette:  At first I really didn't understand the hype around these.  I'm still not sure if I'm using them properly. Basically I have been using the Dim light as an all over setting powder, the Radient light as a bronzer/contour.  If you're like me who doesn't really know how to properly apply bronzer, you really can't mess up with this.   And if I'm not running late, I pop on the Incandescent light as a highlighter.  At first I didn't notice anything particular special with these.  What sold me was when I noticed how flawless my skin looked under the horrid florescent lighting in the bathroom at work. Usually I noticed all my imperfections, but when I started using the Hourglass ambient lighting powders, I was like wow, my skin is looking quite nice.  It's as if the ambient powders blurred all my enlarged pores.
  2. Diorskin nude tan healthy glow enhancing powder:  Another fail safe bronzer you can't really mess up.  Usually I skip the bronzer, wanting to stay as light as possible (this is probably as Asian I'll get), but I have been noticing that I pop up super white in pictures. Like Casper the friendly ghost white, so I figured I the best way to add some color was with a bronzer.  Usually I'm a little hesitant about the use of bronzer, deathly afraid I may end up looking like someone from Jersey, but you really can't mess this one up. You really have to work on building up the color, otherwise, it appears quite natural. Best of all it comes with a mini kabuki brush. Win-Win! 
  3.  Diorskin nude BB cream:  I'm on the fence about BB creams, especially in the North American market.  I'm under the impression that the Asian ones are like 10x better.  I personally don't really see the difference between  BB creams and tinted moisturizers. The only over BB cream I tried was from Dr. Jart, which I initially liked, but towards the end, I really started hating it and could not wait til I finished the tube.  But I can see why some many beauty bloggers rave about the Diorskin nude version.  It applies like a tinted moisturizer, evens out my skin tone, and best of all you don't feel like a grease ball by the end of the day.  I would say this leans towards a light-medium coverage. 
  4.  Nars radiant creamy concealer:  This really does practically erase your dark circles.  I can definitely see all the hype it gets.  It's thick enough to cover all dark circles, but not too thick making it difficult to blend; it's the perfect consistency.  Although some use it to cover blemishes and under eye circles, I prefer to use another concealer on my blemishes, due to the fact that I hyper pigment like crazy.

These products are definitely worth the hype

♥ Viv   

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