Wednesday, 11 June 2014

An Evening Concert OOTD

 The year 2013, was the year of concerts for Lily and I, we were practically at the Bell Center every month.  I never really know what is appropriate to wear to the concerts; ideally I would love to match my outfit to the type of concert.  For instance, the Maroon 5 show would have been the perfect occasion to whip out a faux fur vest and maybe a floppy hat?  Unfortunately I don't own a faux fur vest, although I have always wanted one. Plus the Maroon 5 concert was in the dead of Winter, a fur vest was definitely not going to keep me warm.  As for the floppy hat (which I do actually own one, but never had the occasion to wear it), did I really wanted to be that girl blocking someone's view with my floppy hat?

I tend to dress more on the casual side for concerts at the Bell center, most due to the fact that I'm deathly afraid of the fact that I may ruin something and simply because I just want to be comfortable.  Lets face it, you'll probably be standing 90% of the time.

But when it's a concert where I know I will be sitting down for most of the time, I can be a little bit more dressy.

This out may appear to be plain and simple, but the back is where all the wow fact is

For some reason, I love clothing where there is an eye catching detail in the back.  Apparently I like people to watch me walk away?

Top: Sandro
Pants: J brand
Purse: Lauren Merkin
Shoes: Miu Miu

♥ Viv   

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