Saturday, 21 June 2014

15 for 15

A couple of weeks ago, Lily and I randomly decided to check out a jewelry sample sale.  Nothing as exciting as the ones in the NY.  I initially passed on the sale, but on it's last week, they slashed prices and everything was priced 10 items for $10 (originally I think the pricing was 3 items for $10).

What attracted us this time around, was the fact that they actually listed brands that would be available (Forever 21, Lord & Taylor, Top Shop, etc.)  So we took a gamble and went.

When we got there the sales people told us, minimum purchase had to be 5 items for $5. It was basically racks and racks of jewelry in a small space = lots of sorting.  I really should have snapped a pic, but we were on a time crunch. 

This is what we ended up with after about 2 hours of sorting

The find of the day was this necklace from topshop

This really isn't my cup of tea, maybe Lily would be able to pull this one off, but since it was technically only $1, it went into our basket.

I actually spotted this necklace last week at the Bay. It retails for $40 is currently on sale for $25.  We managed to snap it up for $1!

From what we can tell, this place actually designs/produces jewelry for these brands.  Most of the stuff that was there were samples.  There was very few items that actually had the proper tags.

In the end this sample sale basically like a dollar store for jewelry, a little rummaging will unearth some great finds!

♥ Viv  & Lily

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