Saturday, 24 May 2014

Spring is in the Air

Spring has finally arrived, which equals whipping out bright colors.  Spring also usually ends up with a visit to the tulip festival in Ottawa. We practically go every year, but it has never been as successful as this year.  I have never really seem the tulip festival in it's full glory, until this year.  One year the tulips bloomed early due to the warm winter, by the time the tulip festival officially kick off, they were practically all wilted. Another year it was so bloody cold and windy it practically felt like winter in the middle of May; as for all the other attempts  usually by the time we visit the tulip beds, most of the tulips are either already fully bloomed or burnt to the crisp.

The weather is still little unpredictable so I opted to layer multiple thin layers just in case.

Sweater: Club Monaco
Top: Club Monaco
Jeans: Joe's 

The best part of this year tulip festival, was that I finally spotted the giant clogs.

♥ Viv   

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