Saturday, 3 May 2014

Round frame sunglasses

This summer I really wanted a pair of Ray-Ban aviators so before I officially ordered them I decided that I should go to the eye store to try them on. As I tried on all the Ray-Ban aviators, I came to a conclusion that aviators didn't look good on me. This resulted in me ditching the idea of owning a pair of Ray-Ban aviators all together. So I began looking for new sunglasses again. I went on the Ray-Ban website and came across round frames that reminded me of John Lennon. These John Lennon sunglasses were fresh and they had that hipster vibe that I love; however, the problem with these John Lennon sunglasses were 1) I never physically saw them in person so I never had a chance to try them on and 2) I wasn't sure if the sunglasses were going to look good on my face. With uncertainty I still went ahead and ordered them because the sale associate ensured me that if I didn't like them I could order a different pair. One week after I received a call informing me that my sunglasses had arrived and I would be able to pick them up whenever I wanted to. I was too excited and nervous that I couldn't wait so I decided to pick them up on the day of the call. When I got to the store and tried them on I literally fell in love. I honestly love these sunglasses! They combine the aspects of fresh and hipster while maintaining that classic old school vibe, which makes it impossible to fade from the public eye.

x Lily

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