Saturday, 8 March 2014

Surprised Drug Store Find

I'm really trying not to buy any unnecessary beauty products this year.  After shocking myself with how much I spent on beauty last year, I really should cut down.  But when you're waiting for friends and a drug store just happens to be there, you can't help but past the time by perusing the aisles and swatching everything that catches your eye.

After the initial swatch, I was like I want...
I'm not sure, why there hasn't been much more hype about these 2 products, but I was quite surprised by them after being disappointment by another product from the the same brand. I actually kinda of wrote the brand off after my disappointment with their mascara.

The first product that caught my eyes was the Rimmel Apocalips, which to me is a dupe of the Hourglass opaque rouge lipstick. I picked up the shade Aurora, it goes on glossy, but once it dries it becomes matt, so it tones down a lot of the shock value.  It lasted for about 4-5 hours, I should have just reapplied it, but instead, I re-applied lip balm.  Biggest mistake ever, because any remaining product on my lips were just slipping and sliding everywhere.  So FYI do not apply lipbalm on top of it.

The second Rimmel product I picked up was the Color Rush intense lip balm.  To me there are very similar to the Revlon  just bitten kissable lip stain.  Plus their a few dollars cheaper than the Revlon ones, which means you don't really have to wait for a sale to snag one of these babies up. I picked up the shade not an illusion, which is a like your lips but only better color.  If I dare say, the Rimmel color  rush intense lip balm are more hydrating to the Revlon counter parts.

Top: Not An Illusion. Bottom: Aurora
Let me know in the comments if you guys are still interested in me posting about my monthly beauty purchases.

♥ Viv 

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