Saturday, 15 March 2014

Rag&Bone Jeans

I managed to snag a pair of Rag&Bone jeans on sale and I'm quite impressed by their quality.  I'm very particular of my jeans because I suffer from FAS (AKA: Flat Ass Syndrome).  So far J brands have been the ones that make me look like I have a bit of a butt. But I have been exploring the with other brands and there have been some hits and misses. The Rag&Bone bones seem to be a hit.

I picked up the zipper tuxedo pair because of the zipper detail. I was super surprised that it was an actual zipper that can be unzipped all the way up. Strange but I'll go with it. But I was impressed by the fact that there was additional piece of material behind the zipper, so the cold metal does not make any skin contact.

Attention to details is a big plus for me

I thought the idea of the zipper being able to unzip all the way was kind of silly, but it actually came in quite handy in our bitter cold winter.  This winter has been a 2 pair of pants kind of winter; on the super cold days I typically wear a pair of fleece tights as a base layer.  And the only way I was able to get these jeans on with the second layer was to un-zip the zipper all the way!

♥ Viv 

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