Wednesday, 19 February 2014

UNII Palette Woes

A couple of years ago, there was a craze where people where depotting everything and organizing their makeup in palettes. And I jumped right on the band wagon, at the moment it seemed like a great idea, instead of having like 20 quads of eye shadows I can compact them into one palette. The most popular palettes being used were either the MAC palette, Unii palette or the Z-palette. 

I ultimately went with the UNII palette due to the sleeker design and to be honest it looked a lot more sturdy  than the Z palette (which is made of cardboard), plus it had a mirror.  I have had the UNII palette for about 2 years now, and in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have bought 5 in one shot and maybe I shoulda have gone with the Z palette.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Turns out that the UNII palettes isn't really that durable. I don't even travel with them and the corners of the palette started cracking and  the pins on the hinge starting popping out. 
See the cracked exposed pin

Yes, I had to use tape to hold it together
  • The UNII palettes are really not meant to be stacked on top of one another.  Which is super annoying when you're trying to organize your make up area. The material it's made of is super slippery, maybe they should have added some kind of grip to the bottom, or used some kinda of material with some friction.
  • To be honest, when I do travel do I really want to lug around such a large palette? And will I really be using all these products in the palette? No and Probably not.
Then one day,  I spotted these at Jean Coutu (a local pharmacy) and thought maybe these can solve my UNII palette woes.

These cases were released so you can build your own palette with Jean Coutu's own cosmetics brand. Inside there is a foam insert where you can pop in 4 eye shadows and a blush.

A little heat from a hair dryer and I was able to remove the foam insert
End result

These cases have a magnetic bottom, so my everything stays in place

Best of all, it's much more compact and travel friendly

Look at the size difference!

I don't regret depotting, especially products that came in the not so travel friendly card board packaging, but maybe I shouldn't have depotted practically everything in my stash.

On the side note: I contacted UNII palette and they mentioned that the problems I was experiencing was due to a manufacturing problem and they are currently working on it to resolve it.

♥ Viv 

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