Friday, 24 January 2014

Brr it's Cold here

It's no surprise that it can get quite cold here in Canada, but this winter has been quite brutal, we have had weeks where the temperature dropped close to -40 degrees Celsius. Americans have even nicked named this brutal weather  the "polar vortex".

I wasn't planning on purchasing any new winter coats this year, but somehow I managed to pick up 2 on the same day. Scratch that, I purchased 2, and Lily snatch one from me.

I received an invite to the Mackage/Soia&Kyo Sample sale at their factory. Usually when Mackage has their factory sample sale, the first day is reserved for people with invites, and then the sale is opened to the general public. FYI, this is the second time I received the invite and to be honest if you want to chance going to the sale without the invite I would highly suggested it because both times no one was checking for invites.

I picked up this jacket at the Mackage/Soia&Kyo Sample sale (the one that magically migrated into Lily's wardrobe.

Soia & Kyo 2 in 1 jacket

What drew me to this jacket was the fact that it was a two in one. The inner down layer comes out and you have a utility like jacket for the slightly warmer months.

What really sold me on this jacket was the fact that you basically can get about 4 looks out of this jacket, since the hood and the fur can be detached.

Split hood detail

 The down side;  the inner down layer is a tad too small for me. I was really having a goldie lock moment, the medium was way too big, couldn't find a small, so I purchased a x-small.  I know, I broke the cardinal sale rule "just because it's on sale doesn't mean I should buy it, especially if it doesn't fit".
I'll be brutally honest, I purchased it because even though the inner down layer was quite snug,  I still was able to zip it up, I was in loved with the color, and I really liked the fact that the outer layer was roomy enough for a bulky sweater.  My brutal mistake was asking Lily to try the jacket on.  Because it fitted her perfectly.

In the end I was left with Pajar coat that I managed to snag on sale at the Hudson Bay.

Pajar jacket

I wasn't in love with the hood, it's quite bulky and quite heavy, I think the bulk of the weight of the jacket can be accounted for by the hood. But with the recent cold, I truly appreciated the functionality of the hood.  The over sized hood saved my cheeks from some chaffing that usually results when high winds are basically slapping my face during my commute to and from work. It's actually quite warm too, I don't actually have to wear a hat under it, the only down side is that 1) it partially obstructs your view and 2) all noises are muffled.  The tag says it'll keep me warm in temperatures up to -30 degrees Celsius, and it is so true, I was nice and toasty during my commute to work.  My only complaint about this jacket is the fact that this coat is so warm it's not ideal to shop with, because you end up sweating bullets! and it's a bitch to carry around.

With my Pajar purchase, I realized  I may have been purchasing winter coats incorrectly after all.  I typically like to size up when I purchase winter coats because I like to be able to at least fit a real sweater or a blazer under it. Turns out that winter coats are suppose to fit a little snug, so it keeps the cold out.  Basically I can only fit a thin sweater under my Pajar coat, which is fine with me. 

Now what I would like to know is how people fit blazers or a chunky sweater under their winter coats? Do they bring it to work in a separate bag? Because I definitely would not be able to fit a blazer under my Pajar coat.

FYI, the UD basic naked palette also migrated into Lily's makeup bag!

  ♥ Viv & Lily

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