Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Inappropriate for work?

I'm lucky enough to work at a place where there isn't a strict dress code. I'm not required to wear suits, as long as I'm not in anything too scandalous or look like a hobo I'm good.  The only rule is no jeans, unless it's Friday.

Usually I start off pretty professional looking at the beginning of the week (i.e pencil skirts, dress pants, blouses), but as the week progresses I noticed I become more lazy (i.e causal skirts, cords, sweaters), and by Friday it's full on causal wear, jeans all the way.

A couple of Friday's ago, I wore these distressed Joe's jeans, paired with ballet flats, and a sweater. And then one of the receptionist asked me if it was appropriate that I had on distressed jeans?

Are these inappropriate for work on a jean Friday?  I know they have holes, but this pair actually have patches behind them so you see no skin.  Plus I don't really deal with patients and I can always throw on my lab coat.

What do you guys think inappropriate for work?

 ♥ Viv

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