Friday, 25 October 2013

We're Not Meant to Enjoy Nature to it's Fullest Glory

This isn't our first attempt to catch the fall foilage at Mont Tremblant, but after this experience I really think we're not meant to enjoy nature to it's fullest glory.

If you ever visit Quebec in the fall, apparently catching the fall foliage is a must see.  This is what the fall foliage is suppose to look like: If you catch it at the right moment, all the foliage on the trees of Mont Tremblant should be a vibrant red.

Photo courtesy of  world travel list

I have never witness the fall foliage in all it's glory, the first time we went, it was freezing cold, rainy and dreary. And most of the leaves had already fallen. The second time we went to Mont Tremblant,  the weather was nicer, but we were too late, 99% of leaves had already fallen. We managed to find one single tree with in the village that still had red leaves.  Fast forward a year or two,  the first week of October we attempted once again to catch the fall foliage because my mom really wanted to see.   It was still usually warm in Oct, but I figured since we're heading to the mountains, the leaves must have changed. Apparently not.

Practically everything was still green
So when Lily was back in town for reading week, we decided attempt the fall foliage once again. And we failed. I guess, it was just too warm still because everything was pretty much still green.

Trees are still green

So this will be an OOTD post, apparently I also don't know how to dress for nature. The first time I went to Mont Tremblant, the weather was gorgeous, so pretty much the same outfit I wore on our "one sweater, 2 sisters" post. Apparently I was under dressed because everyone I spotted on Mont Tremblant were basically in parkas. Seriously it was 20 degrees (Celsius, people I'm Canadian). So on our second attempt, I layered up some more, but now I was way too over dressed because people were in t-shirts and shorts, I even spotted kids with tutus.

Vest: Karporal/Hoodie: McGill/Jeans: J-Brand/Sunglasses: Fendi/Bag: Coach/Shoes: Puma

Lily on the other hand, hit it right on the spot. Looking hipster as usual.

Jacket: American Egale/Top & bottom: Forever21/Shoes: Converse/Hat: American Egale/Sunglasses: Ray Ban/Bag: Dooney&Burke

♥ Viv & Lily

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