Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why is my Bag so Damn Heavy?

This is my version of what's in my bag.  Lily has always complained that my bag is super heavy; and I quote "I know you work in a hospital but you don't need to be carrying around body parts".  And lately I have come to the realization that my bag is quite heavy, but I don't think I carry more than any other girl out there?

So let's take a peek into my bag.

I think most gals carry similar essentials:
  • Wallet
  • Iphone
  • Keys (1 set is my house keys and the other set is my office keys)
  • Ipod (I'm old school, don't really like using my Iphone to listen to music)
  • Bus pass
  • Sunglasses (I don't always carry them with me)

My purse also contains my makeup bag and a bag where I throw miscellaneous items into making it easier to switch bags.

A peek into my makeup bag:

  • Blotting paper
  • Eye drops
  • Press powder (currently using the Burberry one)
  • Mimi tube of mascara
  • Perfume
  • 4 different lip products (which is kinda of ironic because I really don't think I'm a big lip product person)
  • A retractable blush brush and lip brush
And here is the miscellaneous stuff:

  • Kleenex
  • Pen
  • My work ID pass
  • Hand cream
  • Hand sanitazier
  • Brush 
Am I carrying more than the average gal?

 ♥ Viv

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