Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sister-Sister Event #5 of 2013- Part 1

So if you haven't guess what the Sister-Sister event #5 of 2013 was...drum roll

And if you follow me on twitter you must have known that I was desperately trying to learn the lyrics to several of her songs.  When it's a concert that Lily is super excited for she will literally make me learn the lyrics and then test me on them.  She'll play the songs in the car, make me sing a long, then she'll suddenly stop the song and tell me to continue!

Lily was super excited for the Selena Gomez Stars Dance Tour, apparently so were a most of the tweens in MTL. When we went to pick up the tickets at the box office the day of the show, there were tons of girls waiting by the back hoping to catch a glimpse of Selena arriving.

I must admit while I was attempting to learn the lyrics, I noticed that her star dance album has a much more mature and edgy sound compared to her previous albums. Which makes sense, most Disney/teen stars want to or need to grow with their audience and I must give props to Selena, she is doing it the right way. To me she's trying to mature gradually, unlike some other Disney/teen stars who practically do a 180 and just ooze of sex.

By the time we arrived at the Bell Centre, there were huge crowds of people. Mostly teens or children followed by their doting parents.

We noticed practically everyone near the Bell Centre were holding signs, then a couple of girls handed us this

Apparently there was a tweet trying to get everyone attending the Selena Gomez concert to bring these signs. The One-Direction concert had a similar twitter movement, but I must admit that the Selena Gomez fans were much more hard core. Practically every girl had stacks and stacks of these flyers and were handing them out to everyone in the crowd.

Her Stage
I must admit, Canadian fans are probably one of the most respectful crowds. As you can tell by her stage set up, there was a lot of opportunity for fans on the floor to run up to her stage. And literally everyone did when Selena walked out on the "S" portion, but as soon as she returned to the main stage everyone quietly returned back to their seats.  This happened several times during the show, it was actually kinda of cute seeing all the kids/tweens/teens run back and forth while their parents just sat back.

Her opening acts:

Christina Grimmie

Emblem 3
When they auditioned for the X-factor, I saw their potential and I really rooted for them, they have such a laid back California vibe to them. The only complaint Lily and I have is that Wesley needs keep it more rated G and stop thrusting and gyrating his hips because the audience did contain a lot of young children, they really did not need to be seeing this.

They tried to get the crowd involved with these giant beach balls (very similar to the One-Direction Concert)

It was very cute to see all these kids jump up and down trying to push the ball, the down side to this idea was that since the audience was comprised of mostly kids and in order for them to reach the ball most kids were standing up on the chairs jumping up and down.  Seats that fold up + excited kids = potential accidents.   A couple kids near us stumbled and practically fell off their seats. Lily and I were afraid a child may land on us.

Finally the moment Lily was waiting for:

Everyone held up their signs during "Who Says"
Whiplash definitely had a very Britney Spears vibe to it

Round 1 of confetti

Round 2 of confetti

Selena was definitely channeling her inner Britney Spears! 

♥ Viv & Lily

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