Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sister-Sister Event #5 of 2013-Part 2

After the concert, Lily really wanted to see if Selena would come out and greet the fans after her show.  Word on the street was she greeted fans after each show, there were pics of her with fans in Winnipeg and Ottawa.  Since we didn't purchase the meet and greet this time around, I decided to indulge her and make our way to the back of the Bell Centre. The meet and greets for Selena's first tour were reasonable, this time around the meet and greets were basically equivalent to a vacation; so I passed.

This was the scene that greeted us at the back of the Bell Centre

How the hell all these fans got to the back of the Bell Centre is beyond us.  We all know, it takes some time to actually make it out of the stadium.  Our theories is that A) some people actually left before the show ended or B) these were fans that did not go to the show and decided to take a chance in meeting her.

Fans even stretched down the street on both sides
Spotted to fan girls who were inspired by Selena's Come and Get video
I have to give props to the fans that go all out, they dress in costumes and paint their faces/bodies with messages of adoration for the artist. If  I could turn back the clock I wonder if I would ever go all out like these fan girls. Nah, probably not. 

Her security eventually came out and informed us that Selena would come out, however if the crowd got too crazy she would go straight back in, at this moment people were hoisting up their friends/children so they can snap a pic. Unfortunately there would be no hoisting Lily on my shoulders, maybe if she was 4 again and weighed like 40 lbs.

Selena came out of the back door and as quickly as she came out she went back in after snapping a few pics.  I wouldn't blame her we over heard a girl proudly declaring that as soon as Selena came out, she grabbed her arm. Seriously people have a little respect, I'm sure if the tables were turned you would not like people grabbing at you!

As soon as she went back in, the crowd starting dissipating but the die hard fan girls remained.  Word on the Selena forums was that there was a possibility that Selena may re-appear once the crowd died down a bit. So being the cool sis that I was, I waited with Lily.  But I must say some of these fan girls  really need to say a big thank you to their parents, who patiently waited with them for about 2 hours outside in the hopes that Selena would re-appear. Yes, we waited for about 2 hours, but it was kinda of entertaining just seeing their behavior.

A big shout out to the mom to who not only purchased the meet and greet for her daughter but also patiently waited with her daughter after the show up until the moment Selena left.

This mom had about an hour and half drive to get back home, yet she still waited with her kids

After about an hour waiting, security eventually cleared the parking lot and cleared the barriers and they pretty much all left for the night. Yet all her fans where still patiently waiting, even when the streets were being cleaned fans practically remained glued to the sidewalk. One little girl kept counting heads to see if the head count would decrease, other girls were running back and forth in the parking lot, trying to get a peak into the area where the tour buses were parked.

Another hour later, they closed the gates to the parking, but suddenly some employees returned and when the gates open we all spotted:

Confirmation that Selena was still in the building! Now, all little girls not outright refused to leave!

Eventually it started getting cold, thank god Lily picked up 2 concert T's

Lily is channeling her inner Oliver Twist

I eventually caved and wrapped myself in a T too!
The first bus leaving, got everyone excited but it was just Emblem 3
There were a group of teenagers who were debating if they should follow this bus or wait to see if Selena would come out again, they eventually jumped in the car to follow the Emblem 3 bus, were they planning on following the bus all the way to T.O?

Then Selena's bus pulled out, I swear this is her, our damn camera takes forever for the flash to go off when it's like super dark! But I swear this outline of a person is Selena because as her bus pulled out all the fans ran to one side of the drive way leaving Lily and I alone the other side, Lily is convinced that she was waving at us!

This was basically our crazy fan girl moment! and a perfect way to end what may possible be the last concerts I see with Lily.

♥ Viv & Lily

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