Sunday, 25 August 2013

OOTN for Sister-Sister Event

If you guys read our blog, you should be able to guess what Sister-Sister event Lily and I went to this past Friday. Here are a few clues: Aug 23, 2013, Bell Center, and a flower crown; whenever Lily invest the time to make a flower crown its an indication of the level of excitment.  Before I reveal the event, I figure we could share our OOTN.

This is the flower crown that Lily threw together in the morning.

Flower child

 Lily's standard concert outfit.

Front View
Back View

  • Dress:  Brandy Melville (Apparently this dress shrank quite a bit, but no worries she is wearing shorts underneath)
  • Bandeau: Maison Scotch
  • Combat boots: Aldo
  • Purse: Jacob
  • Flower crown: A la Lily.
I typically don't have a standard concert outfit, for me it really depends on my mood and the weather. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I opted for something super comfy. 

  • Top: Forever 21
  • Pants: Cassie Crop pants from Club Monaco (these are literally the most comfy pants I purchased)
  • Ballet Flats: Pretty Ballerina
  • Purse: Coach
Since, I was so casual I figure I could have fun with the accessories.My accessory of choice:

Don't these just scream "wear me to a concert"

  • Earrings: Forever 21
♥ Viv & Lily

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