Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mastering the Art of Walking in a Maxi Skirt

I spotted this skirt at Club Monaco and I knew I wanted. The vibrant color was one of my favorite, the pleats were an added bonus(I luv pleats), and the uneven hemline made it a little edgy.

Club Monaco Lara Skirt

I purchased the Lara skirt and knew it would be perfect skirt for a bridal shower. It wasn't too dressy, but just dressy enough.  I had a tough time debating what to pair it with, I thought about a crop top since the Lara skirt was kinda of high waisted, but I am way too old for a crop top. I found the perfect t-shirt at Club Monaco, it had a crochet back giving it a little bohemian vibe and it was the perfect length, sorta of cropped but not cropped enough that my Buddha belly was on display. Unfortunately, one was damaged and the other had a grease stain.  So back to square one, my back up plan was to borrow Lily's crochet sweater, but luckily I managed to find a T on the cheap at Forever 21 (too bad after I bought it, I noticed a small hole on the sleeve, no returns since it was an extra 50% off).

 The final look

I love how the skirt moves in the wind
Skirt: Lara Skirt from Club Monaco
Top: Forever 21
The shoes

Shoes: Vince Camuto

The bag
Bag: Coach (It added the perfect touch, I actually picked this up for Lily in Vegas, but it has been slowly making its way into my outfits)

The accessories
To complete my version of a bohemian look, I decided to wear an over-sized locket and my dad's Omega watch (I was channeling my inner Mary Kate!)

There has got to be a trick to  gracefully getting in an out of a car with a maxi skirt, anyone please share if you know how.  I sporadically kept stepping on the hem, each time I walked up the steps. Apparently I have yet to master the art of walking in a maxi skirt.

♥ Viv

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