Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sister-Sister Event #4 of 2013

We purchased the tickets one year in advance, I was a little skeptical when Lily  suggested we go. A lot can happen in a year, the band may break up, the date may be re-scheduled/cancelled. Since we purchased the tickets so far in advance, we kinda of lost interest in concert but as the date approached and One-Direction pandemonium descended on Montreal, we were feeling it again.

One Direction arrived in Montreal the day before the concert and tons of teenage girls were stalking them.  Fans anxiously awaited for them  at the Ritz Carlton, a few of them were even mobbed while shopping at Urban Outfitters, girls were even in alley ways trying to catch a glimpse of them.  On No They Didn't has managed to capture the chaos (click here and here).  I must admit I have never seen a boy band cause so much chaos in Montreal, but than again back in my day it was all about 'N sync and Back Street Boys. These previous boy bands may have caused similar chaos but I'll never know because youtube and social media did not exist back then.

Plus I have no idea, how fans find out where celebrities stay when they're in town.  I guess you really can't under estimate the power of teenage girls. But can someone seriously enlighten me on how people find out about these things?  Out of curiosity, I have googled no luck, I have tried reading forums, no luck either, I have only seen people declaring there undying love for them. Unless there are secret forums???

And now for the big event:

We arrived at the Bell Center and tons of teenage girls were already there, apparently some girls have been there since the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of them arriving. The crowd also was filled with dutiful fathers and mothers accompanying their daughters to the concert. I even over heard one Dad saying how tickets for One-Direction were harder to score compared to tickets to the Rolling Stones.

We spotted a ton of people waiving their tickets in front of the box office. Can anyone tell me what's that all about?

The stage setup, yay, a mini-stage in the back, that means Lily and I can see them some what close up

First time I have seen warnings of this sort, but if you're a One-Direction fan you probably know people throw stuff on stage. But this is Montreal, no one throw things at the artist, maybe it's a Canadian thing?

We even spotted Ellie Goulding checking out One-Direction's show (she was the opening act for Bruno Mars the following day)

The boys are about to appear, thank god, because for a whole 30 mins all the girls were just screaming their heads off each time images of the boys displayed on screens throughout the Bell Center. I really should have brought some ear plugs, I'm sure I lost some of my hearing.

The boys have appeared.

The boys on a floating stage, yay their making their way to the people at the back of the stadium

Niall having a zen moment. So cute.

The boys going back to the main stage.

One of my favorite moments, during one of their songs, everyone held up signs that said "Je Vous Aime". 

They definitely know how to win over Canadian fans (in particularly Montrealers), they mentioned poutine, maple syrup, and then they all sported Habs jersey, making them even more lovable!

The End!

This was definitely a cute concert,  One Direction is definitely not a typical boy band where there are choreographed dances, it's just them being boys and goofing around. I have to admit that kinda of adds to their charm and can understand why thousands of teenage girls are under their spell.  I would definitely classified this as a re-living my youth moments (even I'll admit I may have been to old to fully enjoy the one-direction experience).  I never got to go to concerts when I was in my teens, so I never got to experience the whole teen girl going gaga over a teen heart throb. Was this what it would have been like?

One thing I do know is that Montreal was definitely one of the loudest crowds they have played for!

♥ Viv & Lily

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