Friday, 2 August 2013

I finally got a pair of sneaker wedges

Okay so.... I really wanted a pair of sneaker wedges and I've been on a hunt for them since the Winter season.

However, the hunt for sneaker wedges can finally end because this pass weekend I finally found a pair that I really like and adore and probably treat it like a Holy Grail for the first couple of wears. I know sneaker wedges are the "right now" trend and it may possibly not be in style in the next season but I just like them so much that it doesn't really matter to me. Also, seeing so many celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez and Beyonce, it made me want to invest/get a pair of sneaker wedges....badly.

Ash Bowie (Orig 195$ and no sale)
I was originally going to get these ones but at a cheaper price. But in the end I ended up getting my sneaker wedges from Coach. When I was at The Bay trying my shoes on, my sister saw these on display and I decided to try them on just to see how they would look. In my opinion I did not like them in person. I'm not sure why but it looks much cuter online than in person. Not only that but they're not comfy at all. It barely had any cushion in it. After slipping it on and making a little walk to the mirror I literally wanted to take my foot out of them ASAP!

Coach (Orig 188$ and on sale 78$)

These are the sexy sneaker wedges I brought over the weekend. Oh my, they are so cute I can't stop trying them on in my room. Something about them screams out "cute". I'm literally obsess  with them. I really like the neon pink accent. But to be honest when I first saw them on the table at The Bay I was a little hesitant because of the neon pink. But when I tried them on.....My mind completely changed and I feel in love with them. I think the neon pink and the silver accents on the shoe adds a nice little touch and its not over the top at all. And these sneaker wedges are SOOO comfy! It has the right amount of cushion in it that I feel like I can walk all around downtown and not get blisters. 

I cannot wait to wear these! I need to start planning my outfits!

xo Lily

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